..kicking sand..

..kicking sand..
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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Help me!

There is one fashion item i desire and I will do anything for it.
I was a faux fur lepoard print coat.
I have been looking forever online at millions of different websites and Google searches and fashion website browsing. I think I have been everywhere. But the one thing that makes it so impossible to find is that they are all so dang expensive!!!! I found one at Topshop.com that was pretty awesome but after I translate pounds to American currency its $190.
I have a job and everything and last month I got 700 bucks(but I had to but half in savings for college) and with things I buy to school clothes shopping I can afford to pretty much use my whole pay check on one thing......so I resorted to looking on eBay and that didn't turn out well considering it scares me half to death with bidding and the craziness of buying something used over the internet.
Another thing that is a problem is that I'm so freakin small. I either fit in XS and 00 or kids sized clothes. So buying something on the internet in the first place is risky business. But I want this jacket sooooo bad.
 I got inspiration from a magazine(Teen Vogue) I saw one of the olson twins wearing a lepoard print jacket....it wasnt the exact same as the one I want now but It inspired me to go up into my room and sketch(yess I love designing clothes) the most gorgeous drawing I have created. It was oversized, it was larger on the shoulders and chunky and with big buttons and was long enough to be considered a trench and it was furry! I paired it with leather pants and adorable boots. Plus she was wearing a gray little dress underneath and had large earrings. I love my drawing and I had many other cute designs after it but nothing like that one that made me want the thing I designed. I have leather leggings, cute boots and the gray dress but I dont have that jacket. My goal is to save up my money soon(soon enough for winter) and to buy the one from Topshop(there was a petite sized one) or find a better one is an even better price range. If you have any idea where I can find one contact me and If Forever21 can make one...i'll be thrilled.:)